Jingle bell clown

Jingle bell clown

JUMBO ball track + Free 4 balls

JUMBO ball track + Free 4 balls

Rolling flower

Rolling flower

Jingle bell clown

A perfect accessory for the ball track - a wooden roll toy with jingle bells. A beautiful and colourful toy that will attract every child. Jingle bells are firmly attached.
Wooden toy for children from 1 year.

This toy can be used with both Maxi and Jumbo ball tracks.


The colours used are specially developed for children's toys and resistant to saliva.


Made in the EU


The jingle bell clown from TRIHORSE is an ideal addition to the ball track!

This roll toy is made of high quality beech wood.


Our jingle bell clown is tested according to CE EN 71 and is suitable for children from 1 year.

All colours are specially developed for children's toys and resistant to saliva.


Instructions for use:

Dear parents, dear children,

My name is Clown "GUMMY“, and I would like to introduce my friend Clown "RINGING BELL" as well.

That's what they call us in the company TRIHORSE, where we are made by very nice and skilful girls Mary and Sophia, who make and assemble us by hand. They call me GUMMY because I have elastic in my body, and RINGING BELL is named after the fact that it constantly makes sounds like mini bells.

Our ball track friends, 4 colored balls, the flower and me – Clown GUMMY, are the core team of our beautiful ball track. The other friends, the car and the train, are also our friends and are part of our unique team for your enjoyment and fun. We all love to ride our Maxi or Jumbo ball track.

Me, Clown GUMMY and Clown RINGING BELL love to ride our track and laugh all day long. We make parents, grandparents and of course especially children all over the world happy. But beware, dear parents, I must whisper to you that I don't feel comfortable when children put me in their mouths, take me into the bath with them or put me in a glass of milk or water. Brrrrrr water... My little body consists of a wooden body, elastic, and water-based glue. Everything is of course made from certified materials and paints.

I must disclose to you, dear parents and dear children, that if you put me in your mouth and hold me there for a long time and suck me, I will not like it at all. I just want to ride with my friends from morning till night and make you laugh and entertain you.

Dear parents, the clown is a certified product for children from 1 year old and is tested annually at the TUV Institute in Zlín (Czech Republic)... It is a part of our track and therefore we would like to ask you to make sure that your small children only play with the clown under your supervision!

The GUMMY and the RINGING BELL consist of small parts that can get detached or come off if used incorrectly, and there is a risk of swallowing the small parts (incorrect use includes putting the clown into the mouth), soaking it in water for a long time and heavier mechanical handling. In order to make the clown ride easily and nicely on the track, it cannot have bigger beads, which is why they are in this size. We think that the clown is a nice and fun part of the Trihorse ball track, which is why we want it to be part of our team.


We would like to point out that all products, parts of the ball track made in our factory in Děčín, Czech Republic are certified for children from 1 year old!