Money Box Mouse coloured from Janoschik

Money Box Mouse coloured from Janoschik

Money Box Elephant natural from Janoschik

Money Box Elephant natural from Janoschik

Money Box Mouse natural from Janoschik

Money Box Mouse natural from Janoschik

Money Box Mouse coloured from Janoschik

High quality money boxes from Janoschik made of oak wood – in the form of lovingly designed little animals and with the original "trick“ when a coin is inserted.

In order to feed the mouse, you have to pull its tail.


High quality fun and practical wooden money box for kids

The natural wooden money box is highly crafted and will bring a smile to the face of young and old as well. It is also a beautiful decoration for a child's room.

Trihorse Money Box Elephant

Our saving animals from JANOSCHIK are looking for their new home. Do you have any space left in your room? They like eating coins and sometimes even paper money. And when you always feed them properly, you can sometimes empty their bellies and fulfil your great wishes for how long you have been caring well of your saving animals.

The original money box made of oak wood

Our money boxes for children are made by hand and with love. They are something quite extraordinary and ideal gift for both small and big children. Crucial is not only the high quality that we adults will appreciate, but also the design and small tricks that each little animal brings; this makes it a funny addition that brings benefits and guarantees surprises.

Wooden Money Box Play

Saving is so fun!

Our animals made of oak can all do a special thing, for example, the elephant raises its trunk when you throw a coin in it, while you have to pull the mouse's tail to feed it with coins.

The money box has a closure at the bottom and can be opened at any time. Thanks to the compact dimensions of the money box, the first successes are achieved quickly. Emptying the money box is easy and children can repeat the process as many times as they like. During this activity children also practice fine motor skills.

Wooden animal money box

Genuin handicraft

We appreciate the craftsmanship and use only FSC-certified materials in our lovingly manufactured money boxes, so that our children can also grow up in a healthy environment.


Material: Oak wood, natural, lacquered or polished

Dimensions: 140 x 130 x 240 mm

Recommended age: 1 – 101 years

Guarantee: 24 months

All products come directly from the manufacturer. Since all products are 80% handmade, it is possible that there may be slight variations in the colours of those products from the colours of the products in the figures.